Paying for OLSB PDFs and Walks

PayPal is used to put cash into your OLSB Event Bank. You will use your OLSB Event Bank to pay for PDFs and walks. Use PayPal to periodically add cash to your Event Bank that is consistent with the number of walks you intend to do in the future.

PayPal fees for using a credit or debit card are 3.4%+$.30 per transaction. Typically folks put more money in their Event Bank than for one walk at a time to save PayPal transaction fees. For example, to put $24 dollars into your event bank costs $25.12 which would allows one to do 8 walks with 14 cent fee per walk. Bottom line: Walk and PDF fees are deducted from the balance from your OLSB Event Bank.

You can give another person your account connection code. It has the form "PC-####-####" and is found on the "Account Connections" page via the sequence:

(login)->"My Login" tab ->"My Connections" tab

The other person just enters this code on his/her account page which gives them the privilege to register you for a walk and using money from their OLSB Event Bank to pay for your walk. The code only needs to be entered once.

Once registered for an event you must complete the event within 60 days, otherwise the registration is automatically canceled.